FUNetix works for children who don’t know the alphabet or can’t read a single word. FUNetix uses symbols, animations, and letters to teach your child how to read quickly and correctly. The app provides instant feedback, enabling your child to learn to read confidently, while having fun. The 12 hour reading curriculum, disguised as an app, progresses in a stepwise manner, encouraging your child as they complete the course. Your student embarks on an adventure where they meet new friends and collect treasures, while learning to read. Visit their site here!


Building off of their patented curriculum that includes the Phonibet®, Kindercode™ and FUNetix®, they have created a game changing app called the FUNetix 12 Hour Reading App that independently teaches children how to read with minimal supervision and no teaching required by a parent or adult, in just 12 hours! Visit their site here!

ACEs Matter

Nonprofit Enthusiast is excited to partner with ACEs Matter to bring this virtual Awareness Party to you! If you’ve never heard about the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study, then you do not want to miss this movie screening.
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